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Car Transport for College Students

Car Transport for College Students

Why Shipping Your Vehicle to College is Way Better Than a Road Trip

The car you use for your time at college may be a brand-new vehicle or a second-hand beater car passed down from mom or dad. Either way, you’ll be relying on it to make your semesters a little more convenient.

How you get it to campus and how you get it back home every summer is the challenge. You could pile in for a cross-country or cross-state road trip. Or, you could look into the real costs of shipping it with a car carrier service.

What does transporting your vehicle have over driving it yourself? Here are a few things to consider:

  • More economical than a road trip Car shipping may seem like a luxury but when compared to the money you’ll spend driving your vehicle, it just may be the more budget-friendly choice. Gas, food, and hotel stays add up quickly.
  • Wear and tear on you and the car Road trips start out good, but risks of the road can really do a number on your car. Adding unnecessary miles to any car shortens the life-span of engines and tires. Factor in a break-down or an accident and your budget is blown. And long-hours in a car with the pressure to get more miles in, and personal safety becomes an issue.
  • Saving Time Shipping a car frees you up to spend time with family and friends, finish packing, and say any goodbyes that need saying. While your car is traveling safely to its destination, your flights can be scheduled so you arrive in time to pick up your car exactly when you need it.

Making arrangements to ship your college car to and from campus is safe, easy, economical and is something thousands and thousands of students and parents do every semester. Consider it the next time you find yourself facing a daunting, time-consuming car transportation challenge.