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Do Not Forget Vehicle Shipping Costs When Planning Your Online Car Purchase

Buying a car online is common place nowadays. Internet searches for new, used, classic, and even junk cars are routine for both first-time buyers and experienced purchasers alike. The steps from search to title transfer can be straightforward and reliable. But there is one final step that should not be overlooked: how to get the vehicle home?

Arranging for car, truck, motorcycle or even boat transport on a commercial carrier is the final step in getting your new purchase safely to you. Our suggestion? Do your own research, even if the seller, private or commercial, has a recommended auto transport company.  Check their prices, check their reputation.

And use your own criteria, not theirs. Is your schedule the top priority? Find the car shipper that can hit your preferred dates. Do you need specialized care, such as a closed carrier or the ability to transport a nonrunning vehicle? Some have more options than others. And, of course, price. You can get good service with the lowest price but remember that with low costs can come low flexibility on schedule, services, and responsiveness.

Here is another tip: don’t forget to figure vehicle transport costs into your car purchasing budget before you agree on your final price. Car shipping prices can be significant depending on your location, drop off location, schedule needs, and any priority of special services needed. Avoid costly surprises and do your research before you begin your car search.

If you are looking into an online vehicle purchase that will need overland shipping, talk. We’re no online calculator with a random person on the other end of the line. We are privately owned and operated, on call to answer all your questions from the beginning of our transport service till your vehicle is delivered safe and sound to the destination of your choosing.

Let us be a part of your online car purchase research. Give us a call to schedule your reliable, safe, cost-effective car transport.