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Four tips to follow so you are not scammed by a transport company when moving your car across country or across the state.

Four Car Shipping Promises That Are Warning Signs of a Scam

Anyone can take your money when you are dealing with a random internet based car shipping company. So before you sign and wave goodbye to your car for a cross-country transport, do a little research. Here are four warning signs to pay attention to when choosing your car or truck shipping service:

1. An unbelievable low price for a cross-country car transport.
Be suspicious of shipping quotes much lower than any others you’ve seen. The lowest price should not be the only factor in your decision on who to trust with your vehicles. If the quote is very low, ask questions it may be that basic services that other shipping companies include in their quote cost extra for a particular company.

2. Guaranteed dates without a premium service charge.
There are many factors that can affect the delivery date of your car transport. This means that you should expect to be given a range, not an exact date, for pick up and deliveries for regular car shipping service. The longer the shipping distance the larger this window may be. Exact dates without premium services charges should be questioned.

3. Telling you that personal items packed in the vehicle are safe.
This is generally not recommended. Some carriers will accept an item up to around $100. But understand that the carrier’s insurance will not cover loss or damage to your personal items. If this isn’t mentioned, be wary.

4. No Bill of Lading at pickup.
Before your car is driven away, you should get a Bill of Lading. It should include any damage or other special notes with copies signed by both you and the driver. No Bill of Lading? Do not allow them to load it up and drive away.

A final piece of advice is to thoroughly read through the contract before signing. If not, you will have no recourse if you’re hit with extra fees, delayed deliveries, and lost deposits. Our best advice? Work with a real company and not a transport service that is strictly a call center. Give us a call to get the full story.