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Scott's Frequently Asked Questions

As an independently owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on giving you the best auto transport service. Competitive car shipping quotes, real-world delivery schedules, and responsive personal service are what we deliver every time.

No. There are many factors involved in determining shipping cost but value of the vehicle is not one of them.

No sales tax will be added to your price because car shipping is a tax-exempt service.

Although conditions specific to your individual situation factor into an accurate quote for your vehicle relocation, there are four basic factors we consider when determining cost:

  1. Distance from the original location to the destination.
  2. The size and condition of the vehicle which means whether it's oversized, running or inoperable.
  3. Special options are needed such as as enclosed carrier or expedited service.
  4. Quantity of vehicles being shipped.
It's simple. You send us a formal estimate from a legitimate competitor. We will match their price.

Unlike our competitors who use instant estimates (which are wrong about 70-80% of the time), we manually calculate the time, range, and the mileage necessary to give you a real quote that will not change when you call.

Absolutely! Give us a call and let us know if you are either an active or retired member of the Military, and we will give you the lowest price possible to transport your vehicles.

No. Drivers do not take cards on delivery, but we have many flexible payment options to choose from. Payment options will be discussed on booking. We accept all major credit cards and offer secure link pay services!
You are still obligated to pay for the service performed regardless of delays caused by weather.  If you owe a remaining balance on delivery the vehicle will not be released without payment in full.
If you paid in full with a credit card, you do not owe anything to the truck driver when he delivers your car. We offer a variety of payment methods including a secure pay link that accepts all major credit cards. When you pay your remaining balance with a credit card there is a 3.99% fee added to the remaining balance. If you opt to pay the driver in cash you will pay a flat balance with no additional fees. We also accept Cashapp, Zelle, and Paypal. 
Quotes are good for 10-14 days. There are many things to consider in auto transport pricing. As fuel costs and driver availability vary, so do prices.
We offer a variety of payment options and we will work to accommodate customer requests. We accept all major credit cards (by phone or secure payment link via email), Cashapp, Zelle, and Paypal. You can arrange to pay a deposit by credit card and the remaining balance in cash to the driver. Drivers will also accept cash, checks, money orders, cashiers checks and Zelle on delivery for remaining balances owed.

Yes but please call for a customized quote. The instant quote calculator is based on a standard, non-modified version of your van's make and model.

Yes absolutely! We ship motorcycles all over the country.
It is best to remove the roof rack if possible. (It can be stored inside the trunk or possibly on the back seat.) If the rack cannot be easily removed measure the height including the rack and let your auto transport professional know the dimensions.
Yes, but if clearance is lower than 4 inches we will need to ship it in an enclosed trailer that has a lift-gate. Vehicles with low clearance require special ramps or a lift gate. Let your auto transport professional know if you have an especially low clearance on your vehicle so arrangements can be made before pickup.
Yes! We ship golf carts and ATVS all over the country!

Yes but please tell us about any such modifications when you book your transport. Rates are based on vehicles with no external modifications so this kind of vehicle will have an additional premium added to the price. If your vehicle is modified from factory condition, place your order over the phone so we can give you the most accurate price.

Yes, and we recommend that it is shipped in an enclosed carrier.  Enclosed trailers offer the most protection for your vehicle as it will not be exposed to rain or other weather elements.

Yes we can ship RV's, Trailers and Campers.

Yes we can transport boats and other personal watercraft.

Yes, we can ship your ATV and any small off-road vehicles.

It is recommended but not actually required. Your vehicle will be insured by the carrier's cargo and liability policies as well as our insurance which protects you for up to $250,000.
It is determined by the cash value of your vehicle at the time of transport. Open trailer transport are insured for 100k during transport and enclosed trailer transports are insured for 250k.

Not only are personal items left in your car not covered, but damage to the interior caused by personal items is also not covered. Belongings may shift due to road vibrations, we suggest you secure personal belongings in the trunk or backseat only.

They are not insured, but we do allow 150 lbs of additional weight in the vehicle.

If you find damage when you inspect the vehicle upon delivery, do not sign the bill of lading. Signing the bill of lading means you are agreeing to accept the vehicle in its current condition. Contact us immediately.

Yes!! Open trailer transports are insured for $100,000.00 and enclosed trailer transports are insured for $250,000.00. If your vehicle is worth more than these limits let us know and we will arrange the additional coverage that is right for you!

You may cancel at no cost to you as long as the order has not yet been accepted by a carrier. Otherwise you are entitled to a refund for only the unfulfilled portion of services.

No. All we need is the vehicle and the keys.

Not only do we need it to email you a copy of the quote, but we lock in your quoted price for a certain period of time and it is assigned to your email address should you choose to book later. If your quote expires, the details are still saved which can be quickly recalculated. We will not use your email address for anything else like spam nor will we sell it to anyone. If you prefer not to give an email address, feel free to give us a call instead.

Yes we will! Shipping inoperable vehicles is something we do all the time. Let us know at the time of booking if the vehicle is inoperable so that we may send the correct equipment for your pickup.

No. We do allow up to 150 pounds in personal items in your vehicle during transport. We do not allow oversized or bulky items of any kind. Personal items must be stored in the trunk or secured in the backseat of the vehicle,

Yes! We specialize in shipping cars from salvage auctions and other types of auto auctions. We know all the different requirements for releasing a vehicle and so we will know what details we need from you at the time of booking.

Yes as long as your bill with the storage facility is settled prior to pickup. If the vehicle does not run but you were unaware of it and it was booked as an operable vehicle, the cost to complete the transport will be higher than your quote price. In fact, the original truck may not be able to accomodate the shipment.

We ship all standard types of cars such as sedans, SUVs, convertibles, pickup trucks, minivans, cargo and passenger vans. We also ship motorcycles, boats, RVs, oversized vehicles, modified vehicles, limos, ATV's and more. If it's a vehicle, we can ship it for you.

 Yes, leave about a 1/4 tank of gas in your car.

No, title and registration are not necessary. All we need are the keys and the vehicle itself.

Luggage and personal property must be secured in the trunk or the backseat area. No heavy articles are allowed; items not to exceed 150 lbs. If personal items in the car are to exceed 150 lb. there will be an extra fee. Carrier and Scotts Auto Carrier are not liable for any personal items left in vehicle, nor for damage caused to vehicle from unreasonable or improper loading of personal items. Personal property shall not be transported in customer’s vehicle(s) that includes but is not limited to alcoholic beverages, jewelry, furs, money, live pets, live plants, explosives, guns, ammunition, flammable products, narcotics, negotiable and legal papers, or any unlawful contraband. Scotts Auto Carrier is not to be held responsible for delivery of personal or household property. If Customer wants to store items in the vehicle he may do so at his own risk.

We work around your schedule instead of you working around ours. Your needs come first - your convenience is our priority.

  • 24/7 pickup
  • Late-night pickup is available

Yes. Give us as much information as you have. For instance, we can use a zip code or we can calculate a quote even if you only know the city. You can also use something as general as the name of a major city that's in close proximity to the route that you think it will need to take. This will at least give you an idea of cost.

We offer door-to-door car transport which means you don't have to drop off or pick up your vehicle from a designated terminal. However, if the road is narrow or has low-hanging trees, you may have to meet the truck driver nearby your pickup or delivery location. The truck driver will still get as close as legally and safely possible.

In order to reduce the cost of transport for those who live in rural locations that are accessible but out of the way, you can opt to meet the truck driver near an interstate or major city.

The car's exterior needs to be clean so that the driver can inspect it for existing scratches and dings. Remove any parts that are not stock that may come loose during transport ex:bikes, kayak racks etc. For a complete to-do list, see: Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipping

As soon as a truck has been dispatched, we will notify you by email with the estimated pick up date and the truck driver's phone number.

We recommend that you book at least two weeks before your preferred pickup date. If you need transport immediately we can get your vehicle picked up in 1-3 days after booking.

You don't personally need to be there but if you can't, we recommend that you have a representative (at least 18 years of age) at both pickup and delivery. At pickup you need to note pre-existing damage if any. At delivery you need to inspect the vehicle and mark any new damage on the Bill of Lading before signing it.

Number of MilesNumber of Days
0 - 2001 - 2
200 - 6002 - 4
600 - 10003 - 5
1000 - 15004 - 6
1500 - 20005 - 7
2000 - 24006 - 8
2400+7 - 9

Auto transport times are estimates only.

We can guarantee pickup dates. But since anything can happen on the road, no one in the auto transport industry can honestly guarantee delivery dates.

Time varies depending on where the vehicle is being shipped. The estimated times are directly affected by the distance in miles as seen in the chart below. Other factors including where we pick up and deliver your vehicle. For instance, if you live in a rural area, you would save time by meeting the truck driver near a more metropolitan area. This not only increases the speed of delivery, it would reduce the price.

Number of MilesNumber of Days
0 - 2001 - 2
200 - 6002 - 4
600 - 10003 - 5
1000 - 15004 - 6
1500 - 20005 - 7
2000 - 24006 - 8
2400+7 - 9
Auto transport times are estimates only.

Weather conditions such as snow, rain or ice can cause your shipment to be delayed. But if there's lots of good weather en route, it is also possible for your shipment to arrive early. If you need your vehicle to be delivered at a specific, absolute time, please ask for Expedited Shipping.

Most importantly, the truck driver will call to inform you of an estimated drop-off time, then again when they are in the area with a more specific time of arrival. It is important to take or return these calls (if necessary) in a timely manner.

A Bill of Lading (BOL) is a detailed list of a shipment of goods in the form of a receipt given by the carrier to the person consigning the goods. In auto transport, it is used to record any existing external damage prior to transport as well as any new damage which may have occurred during transit. This is the reason it is the most important document for insurance claims.

You will be given an estimated pickup and delivery date when given your quote. Our Administrative Assistant and the driver will contact you within 24 hours of pick up and drop off to confirm arrangements. If there are any unforeseen changes due to weather, traffic, mechanical breakdown or any other uncontrollable event our administrative assistant will contact you and reschedule your pick up or delivery date.

You can contact our office at any time to check the status of your vehicle during transport. We have constant contact with the driver and can give a status update on your vehicle upon request.

We will pick up and deliver your vehicle as close to where you need us to as is legally and safely possible.

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