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Disappointed with unrealistic car transport service promises? The truth about guaranteed car shipping delivery schedules.

Guaranteed Car Shipping Delivery Dates?

If the car carrier company that you are thinking about hiring is telling you that an exact delivery date is no problem, you may want to read the fine print. Why? Because the business of moving vehicles on car carriers to new locations is dealing with multiple uncontrollable factors that do impact car pickup and drop off schedules. Mother nature, road projects, and the nature of the car carrier business makes declaring a specific delivery date risky.

While most vehicle shipping companies do their best to satisfy customers’ transport schedule needs, if you’re counting on a definite drop-off date and even time, you may be disappointed because:

  • Traffic City rush hours, rural lane closures, and accidents can add up to significant impacts to delivery times. Car transport drivers often cannot avoid road congestion and rerouting problems. Just like you, they are subject to changing traffic patterns, wrecks, and stand-still traffic.
  • Constructions and road repairs When traveling nationwide, car carriers run into all types of unpredictable problems on the interstates and state roadways. Emergency lane closures, landslides, unscheduled repairs, and even rerouting due to wide-load transports.
  • Weather Snow, rain, sleet they all cause significant traffic snarls. Hauling car carriers through potentially dangerous road conditions can slow down transport times.
  • Breakdowns Flat tires and engine breakdowns happen even with the best maintained trucks. On-the-road repairs can take big chunks of time for tractor-trailers and car carriers. The result can be delivery delays.

These and more are everyday travel hazards. Think about it, this happens to every one of us on our daily drives! Scheduling multiple pickup dates for multiple customers on routes that can spread from coast to coast is what the best car carrier services do everyday – but no one can control these common but unpredictable traffic snarls.

The summary? Read the fine print and understand what the limits really are of a guaranteed car transport delivery date.