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How Florida Snowbirds Can Get the Cheapest Auto Shipping Rates

Scott’s Dispatch 4-U provides early-booking discounted rates from Florida to Anywhere, U.S.A.

The benefits of being an early bird are well-known you get the best seat, the best ticket, the best choice. For wintertime visitors to Florida in search of a great auto transport shipping rate to get a vehicle back home, this rule holds true: schedule early to guarantee a low rate and preferred dates.

The fact is, the longer you wait to schedule car carrier service, the more you will pay.

Many retirees and seasonal visitors to Florida make plans to head north in May. But waiting until April to get quotes from auto shipping service providers is going to leave you with premium rates and low availability. (Kind of like Florida hotel in the high season!) Why?

Snowbirds in Florida are packing up and heading north in April and May. The wise ones secured their end-of-the-season car transport service months before. This leaves fewer open spots for the Johnny-come-latelys. If you do secure a spot late in the season, expect to compromise on your preferred pickup and delivery dates. More importantly, given the rules of supply and demand you’ll be paying a premium to lock in one of those in-demand car carrier spots.

Schedule your April/May car transport in January and February for the best rates.

Be wise and pre-book your springtime Florida-to-home vehicle transport service. When it comes to snowbird car shipping from Florida, being an early bird really pays off.