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How to Haul a Broken Down Car

A car or truck that doesn’t run isn’t the best situation when you’re trying to ship it to a new location. But it is a common one. Some cars are salvage or wrecked and need a little help getting to their final resting place. Other times it’s a vintage vehicle that has been sitting too long, or a decaying gem of a rare truck found rusting away in a field.

Regardless of why the vehicle doesn’t run, the big question is how do you get it shipped from where it is to where you want it to be?

An experienced, well-connected auto transport company will have no problem answering your call. It may cost a little more than auto shipping for an operable vehicle, but with access to the right carrier, any vehicle can be loaded onto transport designed to handle inoperable vehicles, and then safely shipped and off-loaded at the final destination.

So all is not lost if your truck or car does not run. Give us a call, tell us your story, and let us help arrange a vehicle transport pickup and delivery for your broken down car.