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I Have a Car That Does Not Run Can I Still Get It Shipped?

No keys, no engine, no problem! You may think you’re stuck and out of luck if you’ve got a car or truck that doesn’t run. Maybe it’s a salvage vehicle or that rusted perfect hunk of junk that you’ve searched the entire country for… Or it could be as simple as a broken down engine. Regardless, your cross-country relocation is calling and you have got to get it there!

So how can you get a car that doesn’t run from point A to point B?

Truth is, you can ship a car that isn’t working. It may take a little more planning and a little more money but it’s a fairly routine service that you can request.

So why does it take more planning and more money if it’s so “routine”? It’s the special equipment that’s needed to load a non-working vehicle, simple as that. And not every transport trailer and driver is equipped or qualified.  It can take time to locate an appropriate vehicle transport trailer one that is available and meets your schedule needs. The fact is, the time, effort and expertise necessary to safely and securely load, ship, and unload a non-operational vehicle is greater than a straight-forward transport for an operational vehicle.

Calling us as soon as you know your needs and schedule can help you save money and get the pick-up and drop-off schedule that you prefer. The earlier we get your request the more likely it is that we can meet your budget and your scheduling needs.  We will be happy to discuss all the details to ensure you get exactly what you expect and exactly what you are paying for.

Salvage auction or private owner give us a call and we will get your non-running vehicle where you need it to go.