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More FAQ’s About The Car Shipping Business

We’ve posted FAQ’s before but during our conversations with customers, there are always new questions about car shipping. And there should be! Transporting your car, truck, motorcycle or even a boat across the state or across the country is just not something most of us do every day.

While you may be putting your auto into the hands of a professional with a reliable reputation, it’s still your valuable property that you’re waving goodbye to! You have a right to ask a few, or a lot, of questions. So in that spirit, here are answers to a few more questions you might have when considering shipping your vehicle:

What if my vehicle doesn’t run?

Your car, truck, or motorcycle can still be shipped even if it is not operational. Additional fees will apply, though. It just takes more effort, expertise, and specialized equipment to deal with an inoperable vehicle. But we can do it!

Can I fill the car or trunk with personal property during shipping?

No is the short answer. It’s actually the long answer too! Due to insurance limitations, your vehicle must be free of personal property. The car shipping company will not be liable for any missing or damaged property that is not a part of the vehicle. Sorry.

Will my car be driven by anyone during shipping?

The only driving that should be done is for loading and unloading. This would include the need to unload and reload during transport if additional cars are added to the transportation trailer. Another consideration is if you selected “terminal-to-terminal” shipping this means that your vehicle will be off-loaded and driven to a parking spot at the terminal. To protect against abuse, your car mileage must be noted at the time of pickup.

Should I get extra insurance for the transport?

Any car shipping company you do business with should have insurance that will cover all costs if your vehicle is damaged, totaled, or even stolen during transport. You should always ask for a copy of the carrier’s insurance. And ask questions of the carrier, of the broker and even your insurance company. All can give you the assurance that your property is properly covered during transport.

Providing great service is our goal so keep the questions coming. We’ll be happy to answer any you have. And give us a call and talk to us about how we can safely and quickly transport your car, truck, vintage, one-of-a-kind or even the rusted beauty you just found!