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car carrier on highway

Open Car Carrier or Enclosed Vehicle Shipping?

Four Reasons to Choose Open Carriers to Transport Your Car

Hiring a car carrier service to transport your car or truck across the country is almost always more economical than driving it yourself. Once you factor in gas, food, hotels (not to mention your time) and the wear-and-tear on your vehicle, the decision to ship rather than drive can be pretty straight forward. The next decision to make is whether to ship your vehicle in a closed or open carrier.

A closed carrier protects your vehicle against the risk of damage by transporting your car, truck, or motorcycle in a fully enclosed carrier box. There is no risk of exposure to rocks, weather, or accidents.

An open carrier car is what is often seen on the highways loaded with vehicles theoretically open to the weather, road risks, and accidents.

So why would you choose an open carrier over the closed carrier option?

1. Open Carrier Auto Shipping is Safe Despite being open to the elements and other risks on the road, damage is rare, especially significant damage. When damage does occur, insurance coverage of the car carrier service or the auto owner typically covers any claims. Always confirm this coverage and purchase more if you want an extra layer of protection.

2. Open Carrier Auto Shipping is Economical Choosing the open carrier option is the cheapest car shipping option by far. Why? Because enclosed carriers are specialized equipment and there are far fewer available for hire to ship your car or truck. Limited availability means auto carrier services can charge more for this service.

3. Open Carrier Auto Shipping is Common Open car carrier transport is the most popular option for individuals, auto manufacturers, dealers, auto auctions, and fleet shipments. Thousands and thousands have chosen this option with choosing how to ship their automobiles.

4. Open Carrier Auto shipping is Faster Because it is the most common way to ship a vehicle, there are more open car carriers on the road available and ready to meet your car transport schedule. You’ll find fewer delays when you select the open car carrier option.

While closed carriers may be your choice for a rare or valuable vehicle, most auto shipment needs can be met with the economical, low-risk, efficient car transport service offered by the open carrier option.