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Car Transport Professionals

The Impact That Road Unpredictability Has on Specific Delivery Dates

Having your car delivered exactly the day you need it would be perfectly convenient considering how busy everyone is these days. So why can’t you pick a specific delivery date? The long and short of it is that the road is unpredictable:

Weather You already know how weather impacts even your daily drive. Snow, rain, sleet they all cause significant traffic snarls. Combined with a not-so-nimble tractor trailer, multiple cities and changing traffic patterns and you can see how weather conditions can impact transport timing.

Traffic Rush hours, lane closures, and accidents can add up to serious impacts to delivery times. While some forecasting is possible, the transport drivers have limited flexibility to avoid these problems.

Road Conditions We have all experienced this orange barrels everywhere. Lane closures, reroutes, and even emergency situations involving landslides and unscheduled repairs cause backups and even road shutdowns. They all add up to more unpredictability.

Breakdowns While a rare occurrence, even the most well-maintained car carriers can experience a breakdown on occasion. Even just a flat tire can create a major setback in time. Repairs to big transport vehicles like this rarely are a quick fix.

Filling up the transport carrier Of course your car or truck will not be the only vehicle on the carrier. The route is designed to most efficiently pick up vehicles in the same area, heading in the same direction. While keeping car carriers full keeps your cost reasonable, this also adds another layer of uncertainty to predicting exact delivery dates.

With all of these potential issues, you can understand the difficulty in guaranteeing a specific delivery date. However, as experienced, transport professionals with an understanding of expected road conditions, we do design the most efficient route while also compensating for the reality of the unknowns. This results in a delivery time frame.

Still there is something you can do to ensure you have your vehicle where it needs to be by a certain date. Simply schedule your vehicle delivery as far in advance as possible. Your transport schedule can then be built to meet your needs.

We are available 24/7 so if want to know where your vehicle is at any time, we’re ready to give you the updates you need.