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Four tips to follow so you are not scammed by a transport company when moving your car across country or across the state.

Snowbirds Car Shipping for the Winter Visitor to the Southern States

If you head to a warmer climate for the winter and a cooler one in the summer, driving your car or truck those hundreds of miles is one thing you can leave to a vehicle transportation service. Avoid the wear-and-tear on both your car and yourself! Shipping your car instead of driving will save you time, money, and headaches!

No traffic, no fast food stops, no breakdowns, no accidents. Get your vehicle car, truck, motorcycle, or even your boat – to your winter home or your summertime residence trouble-free. This time, take a flight to your destination while your vehicle travels the road safely and securely. Leave the exhaustion of a road trip behind.

With a reputable car shipping company, your vehicle is shipped to your destination just in time for your arrival. Or if you prefer, to a storage facility that will secure your vehicle until your arrival. You just pick it up and away you go.

From the U.S. or Canada, give us a call and talk to us directly. Avoid the online pop-up car shipping companies we’re a real company priding ourselves on excellent service.