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car carrier on highway

Snowbirds Coming Home for the Summer?

Maybe it’s time to hire an auto transportation service to ship your car instead of driving.

For years you’ve been driving your vehicle back from your wintertime home down south. From Florida, Texas, the Carolinas, or any warm weather winter locale, the drive north can be a great adventure. A nice, long transition back into your routine back home to the Midwest, New England, or beyond.

Or maybe it used to be – years ago.

Maybe putting your vehicle in the hands of a car carrier professional is the better option now. The drive is long Key West to Portland, Maine is over 1,700 miles. A drive of a lifetime for many. But when you’re doing that drive every summer, or ones similar, the fun part can wear away.

Consider these points:

Time The hours and days spent on the road can take a toll on your schedule. There’s no multi-tasking when you’re at the wheel so the time on the road is time away from everything else business or family.

Vehicle Wear and Tear Putting unnecessary miles on your vehicle just increases the risk of mechanical trouble and accidents and lowers its value.

Money At first glance it may look like driving your vehicle home is much cheaper than shipping it, it pays to take a closer look. Driving costs includes gas, food, hotels, car maintenance and possibly even on-the-road repairs. The balance sheet may be closer than you think.

And then there’s the wear and tear on you! Sitting in the driver’s seat can be tiring. And the hours you were once able to put on the road may no longer be safe or desirable nighttime driving is considerably more dangerous than it once was. It may take you much longer to make that drive than it once did.

Consider joining the thousands of others shipping their cars back home for the summer. It can save you time, money, and will give you peace of mind.