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Checking Your Car After It’s Been Shipped

When it comes to car shipping, the most responsible way to wrap up your car shipping experience is to do a final check on its condition upon delivery.

If you followed the suggestions on what to do when you loaded your vehicle onto the transport trailer (which includes an inspection of your vehicle, taking pictures of your vehicle, and signing the Bill of Lading), you got off to a good start. And, of course, by shipping with Scott’s, the transport would have been handled by professional vehicle shippers who are experts.

So in order to complete the entire car shipping experience in your best interest, the final steps when the car arrives include:

Keep the pictures and Bill of Lading documents (from when you loaded your vehicle for transport) handy.

Have the phone number handy of your vehicle transport company’s home office.

Do an inspection with the driver. Note any dings, dents, scratches, etc. Don’t forget the roof and undercarriage.

Take photographs.

If delivery happens at night, ensure that there is adequate lighting at the delivery site. Regardless, take a flashlight to help with your inspection.

After the inspection, you and the driver must both sign the Bill of Lading confirming the condition of the vehicle.

Get your signed copy of your delivery Bill of Lading.

It may seem a hassle since the vast majority of car transports go as planned with no accidents, dents, or problems. But the unexpected can happen, with or without the driver’s knowledge. In other words, your final inspection is just good practice. And having a signed Bill of Lading is what you will need if you do need to file a claim.

Starting with a great car shipping company is step one. Give us a call for expert, on-call vehicle transportation service. Scott’s Dispatch 4-U can give you a great rate, expert service, and can answer all your questions.

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