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end summer peak car shipping season

The Problem With Online Car Shipping Quotes

Search for online vehicle transportation costs and you’ll find plenty of quickie quote calculators and even quicker “schedule your pick-up now” offers. UShip, Auto Transport Direct, Copart, Truck It Transport are just some of the names you’ll come across in the world of anonymous online auto transportation brokers.

These online services can certainly lure you in with their fast, 15-second car shipping quotes. And once you get through filling in the pages of blank boxes, and maybe even placing a phone call to help make sense of it all, they just might have you. But, beware of the easy catch because here’s what you might be getting:

  • A quote based on nothing more than mileage. With luck you’ll be asked whether you need an open or closed carrier or how flexible you are with pick-up or delivery dates. No mention of fees, location accessibility, seasonal charges or the many other things that will increase or decrease your real cost.
  • Pages of legalize and small print with a big button that says “I Accept”
  • Submitting your contact information before you can get your final quote (They’ll show you the fees once they have your email.) Then they’ve got you in their system and you’ll soon be receiving emails for “promotions, sweepstakes and important announcements!”
  • As for those fees – online quotes and payment processing may come with subscription fees, membership fees, transaction fees, etc. Watch out for the nickel-and-dime routine.
  • And, in case of trouble during the transport, you’ll most likely never talk to the same service rep twice and each time you’ll have to explain the situation again. And Again. And again.

Sound risky? Sounds even riskier when you think about what’s being loaded onto the transport truck by a guy you’ve never met – your expensive, valuable vehicle!

But is there anything better than a quick online quote from a service from located who knows where? Yes, there is: how about personal, experienced, one-on-one service with Scott’s Auto Transport Service?

Here’s why we are better: we talk to you about your vehicle, your concerns, and your requirements. Truly understanding your needs and limitations helps us to manage the system to get the transportation you need, when you need it, and where you need it. Our answers to your questions go beyond the online FAQ and the company “script”. And if there is trouble, you’ll actually talk to Scott!

Our reputation depends on every transaction. We’re accountable, and accessible, to you. You’ll receive a real quote, no tricks or gimmicks. No membership required, no name changing customer service representative and no surprise final cost.

Scott’s Auto Transportation 4-U is your one-to-one auto transport service. Check out the website and then give us a call. We would love to help you get  your property – boat, car, truck, motorcycle – from point a to point b safely, quickly, and at a great price.