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Photo of a car carrier truck with Top Load.

Top Load Transport: Why You Should Request It When Arranging Car Shipping

Most industries have their own unique terms. With regards to vehicle transport, “top load” is an important term for consumers utilizing the auto transport industry. Depending on the type of car you are shipping, top load transport could make a huge difference in whether you’re happy with the final results.

What Does Top Load Transport Mean?

The most common type of transport is open car transport. As you can see in the photo below, most open car transport trucks have two levels where cars are placed – the top and the bottom. The phrase “top load” then refers to the top area on the auto transport truck.

image illustrating how top load transport refers to the two levels, top and bottom, where cars are placed on a car carrier truck.

When you request top-load transport, your vehicle will be guaranteed a placement on the top level. There is usually a small, extra charge for this so why is this location ideal when arranging transport for your car?

Reasons to Request Top Load Transport When Shipping Via Open Car Transport

Fluid Leaks

Your car will be shipped with a number of other vehicles. If your vehicle is placed on the bottom level of the truck under an older car, it may not be the best placement. Why? Because many older vehicles have fluid leaks. In other words, if the older, leaky vehicle is directly above your car, those fluids will leak directly onto your car. Top Load transport is especially advisable when shipping a classic car via open transport.

Flying Road Debris

No matter where you are traveling, dirt, rocks, tire treads, car parts, and other unpredictable road debris is simply part of the highway driving experience. Debris on the road can be flung upward from other cars or trucks running over it. Flying rocks and other road debris may hit your vehicle creating small dings and dents on your car. It can even crack your windshield!

Cars on the bottom level of the transport truck are much more susceptible to flying road debris. Top Load level offers a lot more protection.

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Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay