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Are instant car shipping quotes too good to be true? They seem convenient at first glance but additional costs are often left out - leading to a a higher estimate than you thought.

The Trouble With Instant Car Shipping Quotes

The world of online vehicle transportation offers plenty of instant car shipping quotes. These are generated by software calculators designed to “schedule your pick-up now” which closes the sale quickly. UShip, Auto Transport Direct, Copart, and Truck It Transport are just some of the many online auto transport brokers that you’ll come across employing these quick sale techniques.

But are these instant quotes too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at what you might be getting when you use these online quote calculators.

The Pitfalls of Instant Car Shipping Quotes

Many of these instant quote calculators offer fast, 15-second car shipping quotes that seem convenient at first glance. However, the reality is that the quotes they generate are often based on nothing more than mileage. Factors such as fees, location accessibility, seasonal charges, and many other additional costs are often left out – leading to an inaccurate estimate.

Furthermore, when dealing with these online quote calculators, you may find yourself buried in pages of legalese and small print, only to be required to submit your contact information before receiving a “final” quote. This tactic usually leads to even more hidden fees down the line. Chances are, too, that you will be bombarded with emails for promotions and sweepstakes as well.

The Risks of Anonymous Service

Lack of personal interaction and accountability is another issue with these instant car shipping quote calculators. If any trouble arises during the transport of your vehicle, you may find yourself speaking to a different customer service representative each time, having to explain the situation repeatedly. This lack of consistency and accountability raises questions about the safety and security of your valuable vehicle.

A Better Alternative To Instant Car Shipping Quotes

Amidst the sea of anonymous online auto transportation brokers, Scott’s Auto Carrier stands out as a reliable and trustworthy option. Instead of impersonal online interactions, Scott’s Auto Carrier offers personal, experienced, one-on-one service, tailored to your specific car shipping needs and concerns.

Unlike the software driven service of competitors , Scott’s Auto Transport Service places a strong emphasis on direct communication and understanding your unique requirements. There are no membership fees, no ambiguous quotes, and definitely no hidden costs. You can rest assured that your property – whether it’s a boat, car, truck, or motorcycle – will be transported safely, quickly, and at a fair price.

Why Choose Scott’s Auto Carrier?

Personal Service: We talk to you in order to understand your vehicle, concerns, and requirements.
Transparency: No ambiguous quotes or hidden fees.
Accountability: Accessible and accountable service with a real person.
Reliability: A trusted reputation built on genuine, one-on-one interactions.

When it comes to transporting your valuable vehicle, the allure of instant online quotes may seem tempting, but the hidden costs and lack of accountability make them a risky choice. Scott’s Auto Transport Service offers a refreshing alternative, providing the personal, reliable service you deserve.

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