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What you will NOT have when you choose to self transport (drive) instead of having your vehicle shipped…

If your car is in good shape you may think about driving it to your new location rather than paying to ship it. It is an option. But is it a good option? Good advice would be to have your mechanic check it out before you go and enlist a buddy to make the driving, and any problems, go smoother and safer.

But if you’re smart you’ll weigh the real cost of self-transport against the cost of paying a company to load your car, truck, or motorcycle on a trailer and hauling it across the country for you. It pays to consider all the costs monetary and otherwise to make the best decision.

To help make that decision, here are a few things that you won’t have if you choose to make that drive yourself:

  • Money. Expenses add up when you hit the road. Food, drink, gas, and hotels. And then there’s the wear and tear on your vehicle whether it’s an emergency breakdown from the road wear or the miles on your odometer, your wallet will be hit sooner or later.  Set aside some cash and clear your credit card you’ll need it.
  • Time. What could you being doing instead of driving? Getting that work project completed. Going on a real vacation. Family time, fun, relaxing. The list is long of better things to be doing with your time than counting the mile markers.  Your time is valuable! Use it for something you really want to do.
  • Peace of Mind. The movie moments of the top down, perfect weather, and an open, easy road are more rare than you would hope. The road is unpredictable – unfamiliar territory, rough road conditions, unpredictable weather, traffic, accidents the list goes on. The road is littered with disappointed road warriors don’t be one of them.

Get all these things back by choosing to ship with a vehicle transportation company instead of driving your car yourself. Vehicle transport companies are fully insured and professional. It’s their business to get your vehicle shipped safely, quickly and on schedule.

Give us a call and learn how we can save you money, time, and ensure your peace of mind. You’ll come out ahead.