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When Should You Request a Closed Carrier For Your Car Transport?

Most vehicles are shipped on what is known as an open carrier. It’s the auto transport carrier that is seen most frequently on the highways packed with vehicles. Car and trucks are loaded bumper to bumper, two high, and open to the elements. It is a secure and popular way to ship cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even boats. Thousands do it every year with zero problems and at a reasonable price.

So why would anyone choose to pay the extra expense for an enclosed carrier? Essentially a box that completely contains your vehicle, the closed carrier options provides for:

  • Complete protection from rain, hail, road debris, and all other airborne objects.
  • Private storage of only one vehicle per transport box.
  • More flexibility with delivery schedules due to its premier status.

An enclosed carrier is a great choice for anyone with a vintage, valuable, or mint condition vehicle. The extra expense can be well worth the security gained.