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Who Knew! Two Commonly Overlooked Items When Preparing Your Car for Transport

Car shipping is easy and safe but there are a number of things to take care of before your vehicle is loaded onto the car carrier. Many recommend washing your vehicle so any damages can easily noted. And it’s routine to remove unattached valuables from the interior.

But before you sign that Bill of Lading and load up your car, truck, or motorcycle, remember these two, small things: Car Alarms and Tollway Transponders

Car Alarms Car carriers experience lots of vibration as they travel down the road. Car alarm systems, whether it’s an after-market installation or factory installed, are sensitive to these conditions. It’s highly likely that your car alarm will be triggered during transport. Even the angle at which your vehicle is loaded could activate your alarm. So, to avoid a dead battery at drop-off or, even worse, an annoyed driver with a headache, remember to deactivate it prior to shipping, or give the driver instructions on how to turn it off during transport.

Transponders/Toll Passes A forgotten toll road transponder will accumulate charges just as easily on a car carrier as it does when you’re driving it down the tollway. Remove or deactivate your tollway transponder. This is easily forgotten when you’re arranging for car shipping but it can end up costing you. And any toll road charges that accrue along the route of your vehicle transport will be your responsibility.

Remember that these are your responsibility, not your driver’s. Please take a few minutes to learn how to deactivate these systems before the car carrier arrives. If you’re in doubt, contact your vehicle transport broker if you have any questions.