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While the future generations prepare for their new obligations and responsibilities, here is how you can have peace of mind that they arrive to campus safely...

Affordable College Student Auto Transport

Students moving to the college of their choice have plenty of things to worry about: Moving to a new city, tuition, class schedules, joining new social clubs, and the general navigation of their newfound adulthood. While the future generations prepare for their new obligations and responsibilities you can have peace of mind that they arrive to campus safely.

Send Your Student to School Safely

The thought of your child driving away with their packed vehicle to start college is bittersweet and emotional. We worry about them arriving safe, hope they don’t encounter problems on the road, and pray that they make it to their destination without becoming another statistic.

More than 38,000 people die every year on US roadways and the national fatality rate is 12.4 deaths per every 100,000 drivers. An additional 4.4 million require medical attention for other injuries, and road crashes are the leading cause of death in the US for people age 54 and under. These grim statistics can be shocking when you think of your young inexperienced driver on the roads with their vehicle packed full of belongings for their move. One sure way to relieve anxiety and worry about student travel is affordable and reliable auto transport!

Student Vehicle Transport is Now More Common


Auto transport to college campuses has increased over the years, as it is the safest option for inexperienced drivers heading into new cities. Every August we see a spike in student car shipping. With auto transport you can rest easy knowing your young driver is not at risk for auto accidents, theft, and distracted driving. Shipping their vehicle on a carrier to their campus is fast, secure, affordable and as easy as making a phone call! Prices are reasonable, and depending on the distance it can actually save you money if you factor in mileage, adding wear and tear to the vehicle, and hotel stays along the way.

Preparing for Transport

Now that you have made the decision to send your student back to school in the safest way possible, there are a few things you need to know about auto transport for college students.

Door to Door (or dorm) shipping is available and their vehicle will be transported with an insured and bonded auto transport company that caters to students arriving at college campuses. The vehicle will be picked up at your door and delivered to the student’s dorm or apartment parking lot.

You want to make sure you schedule early and allow enough time for shipping. Carriers transport vehicles within a window of time and you want to make sure that you schedule delivery after your student has arrived safely at campus. Bigger cities have a more accurate time frame for deliveries than small rural towns. Shipping a vehicle is not like shipping a package, it is much more involved with different variables and you want to allow enough time for your student to arrive before the vehicle. Determine the date that the student will arrive on campus and plan accordingly. If your student is set to arrive on campus August 21st, you will want to make the first day available for delivery on the 22nd. Also be aware that DOT enforces strict rules on drivers and they may not drive more than 500 miles per day for safety. If your destination is 2000 miles away, it will take around 4 or 5 days for delivery.

Students moving to school likely have quite a bit of luggage to take with them, and many ask if they can pack the vehicle before shipping. Ask your carrier if they allow belongings to be in the vehicle and how much weight they will allow to be packed into the car before you load the vehicle down with necessities. This will help you avoid extra fees and will make the transport run more smoothly.

Book Your Students Auto Transport Today

Make shipping your students vehicle stress free and easy with 5 star rated transport service from! We offer safe, fast, and fully insured auto transport with friendly customer service! Get a quote from one of our live agents today by calling (866)314-1357 and book with peace of mind!