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Will changes in the auto industry impact the car transportation business? Over the road auto shipping continues to serve an industry that is rapidly changing with professional expertise that meets vehicle transport customer needs today and in the future.

Auto Trends for 2020: Will Car Shipping Be Impacted?

Car trends for 2020 are estimated to continue towards innovation in materials, automation, and electrification. Software platforms will be performing diagnosis and even repairs remotely. Auto manufacturers are maximizing electrification strategies and hybrid solutions. Carbon fiber construction is bringing lighter weight design to the forefront. And startup car companies will be making advances into the market share of the big legacy automakers.

What doesn’t change is how personal vehicles cars, trucks, motorcycles are transported. From manufacturer to dealership lot or auto auction to driveway, vehicle transport remains essentially the same. It’s shipped on a car carrier that can hold 8 to 10 cars that makes the delivery across standard highways and secondary roadways.

Scheduling platforms and transport tracking may upgrade to new systems, but the actual hauling of vehicles from pickup to destination largely remains the same. Federal highway restrictions of weight, height, width, and length keep over the road carriers consistent and unchanged. Travel times remain the same and are impacted by weather, construction, and detours as always.

And getting great car transport service results, as always, from good planning, reasonable expectations, and an understanding of the experience, service, and professionalism of your chosen auto transportation company.

While the future will be filled with rapid and innovative changes, the comfort of a car carrier company delivering your precious car on schedule and undamaged remains the same.

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