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Can I Fill My Car With Personal Stuff While It Is Being Shipped

Can I Fill My Car With Personal Stuff While It Is Being Shipped?

We know, it’s so tempting. You’re already paying for your car or truck to be transported and all that empty space could be put to good use. Those final boxes of clothes, those heavy books, blankets, tools, and so on, would fit nicely. And just think about all the personal items you could get in the trunk! Since you’re already paying to transport your vehicle, why shouldn’t you be able to fill that empty space with your personal items? What is the harm?

Well, there are at least three solid reason you won’t be able to do this: liability, regulations, and weight. To risk any of these is something that your vehicle transport company will not accept, even if you do:

No Insurance All car carriers have insurance that covers your vehicle, and only your vehicle (BTW – always get a copy of this before you sign a car shipping agreement!) It does not cover household or personal items in the vehicle. So, if you fill your car with valuables and they’re not there when the car is dropped off, the car carrier has zero responsibility for the loss of the items.

It’s The Law The Department of Transportation regulates against carriers shipping anything other than vehicles no household or personal items. And they take it seriously: to break this law could result in a fine up to $10,000 for the vehicle transport company something most would rather not risk.

Too Heavy Filling your trunk with tools, books, baubbles, etc. adds to the weight of the shipment. And the more something weighs, the more it costs to ship it. This goes for your vehicle just as it does for anything else you mail or ship. Keeping the weight down is a priority for car transporters.

That is the sad but true reason why all that available storage space must go to waste. Keep your piece of mind and a good relationship with your car carrier and vehicle transport broker ship your personal items separately with a company designed just for that.

Give us a call to talk about getting your car, truck, motorcycle or boat from here to there safely, quickly, and cost-effectively. We would love to be your vehicle transport company from one car to a fleet!