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What to do to prepare your vehicle for car shipping is not always obvious. Save time, trouble, and money by following these guidelines for a successful vehicle transport experience.

How To Prepare Your Vehicle for Cross-Country Transport

Preparing your car or truck for transport to a new location doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. But these vehicle prep tips can be easily overlooked or forgotten. Take the time to follow these tips and ensure your vehicle is ready for loading and that you are fully protected and prepared for a successful vehicle shipping experience:

Wash Your Car This may sound like an unnecessary step but having a clean vehicle may save you trouble in the long run. Why? With a clean vehicle exterior every ding, dent, and scratch can be noted. This is important to document before your car or truck is loaded up on the car carrier. Taking photographs will come in handy if you find any damage upon delivery of your vehicle.

Remove All Personal Items Do not leave any personal items in your vehicle. This includes the trunk. The car transportation company’s insurance will not cover loss or damage of items left in the car during transport. This is not the time to be shipping just a few extra items along with your car!

Remove any after-market technology stereo upgrades, gps units and other electronics should be removed prior to shipping. The risk of loss or damage is too risky. Be cautious and remove them to reinstall after car delivery is complete.

Turn off the car alarm This little detail is often forgotten but can cause headaches for the car carrier driver and everyone else within earshot. Avoid the hassle and turn off or disconnect prior to loading onto the car carrier.

Ensure your vehicle is in good working order Top off all fluids, check tire pressure, and ensure that the gas tank is around a _ tank. Also, notify the transportation service of any leaks or other running problems.

Following these few tips can save you a lot of headaches when car shipping. The time it takes to properly prepare your vehicle for transportation can save you time and money at the end of the trip.