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Student Car Transport Shipping a Vehicle To Your College


Transporting a car to the university in your future really can be easy and budget-smart. Having a vehicle to get around campus and beyond independently will make college life so much easier. No catching buses in the rain and no bumming and begging for rides. You can also always get out of town for a much needed break when you need it. And don’t forget about getting back to see the family for holidays and semester breaks.

But what if the car and your college are hundreds of miles apart? Or states away from each other? Or even on separate coasts?

You may think it’s more of a hassle, and more money, than it’s worth.

Before pitching out the idea of shipping your car to college as too expensive and too complicated, you should know that it’s a really common service. Every year, every semester, thousands of families choose to ship a vehicle to their college student whether the distance is hundreds or thousands of miles. Arrangements are simple, and the cost can be well worth it, especially when you consider the negatives of not having a car on campus zero independence on getting to where you need to get when you need to get there.

Maybe you or your parents are even considering driving the car to campus. When you put it all together – the length of the trip, gas, food, hotels, and even the wear-and-tear on the car and the driver, the cost of this option quickly adds up.

And there are plenty of shipping options. Open or closed carrier. Long-lead-time delivery or expedited service. Door-to-door and parking lot to parking lot. With so many options, there is a way to meet your budget and your schedule.

So before eliminating this option, give us a call. We can discuss options with you and give you a quote to consider. Make the most of your college experience with the independence you need.