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What Does an Auto Transport Broker Do?

An auto shipping broker gets your car, truck, motorcycle from pickup point to delivery point:

  • Quickly,
  • Safely, and at the
  • Best available price

A vehicle shipping broker is the expert that connects you, the customer, with the auto carrier, the companies who do the actual loading, unloading, and shipping of your vehicle. It’s the industry standard.

How does it work?

An auto transport broker builds an order based on your needs. This includes specifics such as your preferred schedule, pickup and delivery locations, vehicle condition (does it run?) and any special requests such as the need for an enclosed carrier. The broker then shops this order around to the network of available car carriers. And by available we mean a car carrier trailer that runs the route you’re on during the time you need it, and with an open space on the trailer. When a fit is found, the broker secures the space for your vehicle and your vehicle transport will be scheduled and confirmed.

And all orders are not created equal short-lead times, remote routes or even routes in challenging areas with narrow city streets or in construction zones that are difficult to access can result in higher shipping prices for the consumer. Why? Because there are fewer car carriers who will take or are even available to take the route and this means higher rates to do the job. Experienced brokers know this. They know the network, they know routes, and they know how to find the carriers who will do the job and meet their standards of auto transport.

Scott’s Dispatch 4-U Auto Carrier Service is just such a vehicle transport broker. We know the business and work hard to get you the best price, the best schedule, and the best service. With regional and national car shipping, plus international auto transport expertise, we can get your vehicle across the state, across the country or overseas.

Still have questions? Give us a call to talk directly with someone who cares about your business. It’s what we do.


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