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Best Places To Buy and Sell Used Cars Online – Part 3

It’s never been as easy to buy and sell used cars as it is now. This is due to the fact that so many online resources and car buying apps exist in abundance.

However, the downside is, well, that there are so many online resources and car buying apps in existence.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to find where to buy a used car or list a car for sale. Too many choices can make the experience risky, or tricky at best. So we’ve compiled some of our favorite used car websites for buyers and sellers and broken it down into a 3-part series.

Part 3: Craigslist, eBay Motors, and Edmunds

Screenshot of buying cars online via Craiglist

Buy and Sell Used Cars at Craigslist

What car seller wouldn’t see the benefit in a place where you can create a local, photo-rich listing for free? Possibly someone who thinks it’s not okay for it to take longer to sell their car or truck. But for those sellers holding out to get top dollar, Craigslist may fit the bill. Otherwise, this is probably not be the best place to post your car for sale.

In a nutshell: Craigslist is great for sellers who want top dollar and don’t want to worry about shipping out of the local area. For buyers that only want to buy local, this may work as long as they remain vigilant of scammers.

Screenshot of buying cars online via eBay Motors

Buy and Sell Used Cars at eBay Motors

For those already familiar with selling on eBay, listing your car for sale on eBay Motors might be a great option for you. The setup is easy, the fees are reasonable, and you can sell either locally or far away. (Scott’s Auto Carrier makes it easy for you to coordinate car transport!)

The downside of using eBay Motors to sell a car is that bids are non-binding. In other words, a buyer can back out at any point in the process and for any reason.

In a nutshell: Sellers like the ease of listing and inexpensive fees. Buyers like that they can back out at any point should they change their mind.

Screenshot of buying cars online via Edmunds

Buy and Sell Used Cars at Edmunds

A trusted source in the car-buying industry, Edmunds offers juxtaposing comparisons of new vehicles for sale, buying guides, car reviews, and more. Buyers find it to be one of those best places to find and buy a car because there are honest reviews, rankings, and video test-drives, not to mention tools to calculate financing, budget, and more.

Selling your car to Edmunds is a 3-step process ending with a check in hand.You just answer a few questions about your car and get a cash offer. You have 7 days to think it over.

In a nutshell: Edmunds is a reputable, long-standing company with a variety of tools for car buyers. However, the comparison tool only applies to new cars and vehicle history reports are not free.

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