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Motorcycle shipping: two motorcycles getting ready for transport.

Motorcycle Shipping Challenges and Mistakes

Common Motorcycle Shipping Challenges

When arranging for motorcycle shipping, you may run into the following challenges:

Challenge #1: Finding the right motorcycle shipping provider

A dependable vehicle shipping broker will save you time and effort by discussing your preferences, answering your questions, and finalizing whatever details there are with regards to the transport of your motorcycle. Otherwise, unless you understand the logistical processes involved and the differences between transportation brokers and carriers, it’s possible to misunderstand the information and hire the wrong company for the job.

Challenge #2: Choosing the right options

When arranging for motorcycle transport, there’s certain important options to choose from such as expedited shipping, door-to-door delivery, open or enclosed trailer , and pickup/delivery times. If you chose the right motorcycle shipping provider, they will recommend the best solution for your situation.

Challenge #3: Protecting your motorcycle during transit

When taken prior to the actual transit of your motorcycle, these key steps will protect both your bike and give you peace of mind:

  • Prepare your motorcycle for transport according to the shipper’s instructions. This usually includes draining the fuel tank and securing all accessories such as windshields. If helmets are to be shipped, they must be secured to the motorcycle.
  • Get all details regarding the insurance your carrier or broker provides. Make sure you understand what it covers.
  • If you are especially worried about your bike’s safety, choose the “enclosed carrier” shipping option. Enclosed carriers provide protection from the dust and dirt of highway debris and foul weather. These four-sided shelters also ensure that your motorcycle will be safe from everyday road hazards and random mishaps.

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Common Motorcycle Shipping Mistakes

When arranging for motorcycle transport, avoid making these common mistakes:

Mistake #1: DIY motorcycle transport

Unless you have a great deal of experience shipping motorcycles, “do it yourself” motorcycle shipping will not only put your bike at risk, but could even cause personal injury to yourself and others. Call a professional!

Mistake #2: Choosing a motorcycle transport company because they have the cheapest price

While low prices for motorcycle shipping may sound tempting, be sure to check what you actually get for that price. Sometimes low prices suggest low quality. The price may also be low because it doesn’t include certain transport preferences you may need for your particular situation.

Mistake #3: Being unprepared

Make sure you know ahead of time what documents are needed (proof of insurance, vehicle registration, etc.) so you don’t cause a delay in the motorcycle shipping process.

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