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Best Use of the Enclosed Carrier Option

An enclosed carrier is a hard-sided, completely closed trailer that protects your vehicle from risks along the road. Whether it’s hail, dirt, debris, rocks or even a ding from the occasional unknown flying object, an enclosed carrier eliminates all these rare, but possible damages.

Regular auto shipping methods, aka “open transport”, involves loading the vehicles onto a car carrier that does not protect the cars and trucks from the elements. Despite this, the vast majority of open-air transports go off without a hitch. Even with the exposure to rain, dirt, and the occasional road hazard such as rocks or other flying debris, the vast majority of open car carrier shipping ends in your vehicle delivered safe and undamaged. Save for that extra layer of dust!

Given the low risk of damage, should you spend the extra money for an enclosed carrier to transport your vehicle? What is the best use of the enclosed carrier option?

Well, it totally depends on what you are shipping. Most vehicles are expensive and valuable, but some are more expensive, more valuable, or even more rare than others. Even those with no high monetary value may have high sentimental value. For example, consider using an enclosed carrier to ship:

  • A rare, customized, vintage or the newly restored classic car
  • A unique race car
  • That “lost” vehicle that has finally been located
  • Your great, great, granddad’s car that you just inherited. (You sure don’t want to be the one responsible for the dent that will never be forgotten!)

All these are perfectly good reasons to use an enclosed carrier during an auto transport.

An enclosed carrier transport will cost more, but for certain situations, it is totally worth it. Give us a call and we will talk you through your options.