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Car Transport for College Students

Are Enclosed Car Carriers Worth The Cost?

It is true that shipping vehicles on open carriers is the normal route to getting your vehicle to its new home. Open carriers are the car transport carriers you see traveling down the highway every day. Stacked with new cars, used cars, and privately owned cars, they typically get to their destination with no problems. It’s considered a safe and secure way to transport your car or truck.

But for some, the extra security of a closed carrier is the way to go. Your vehicle is loaded into a fully enclosed box, protection from the elements and other cars. In this way, there is zero chance of damage due to weather, flying objects, or even liquids dripping onto your vehicle from the one stored above. These incidents are rare but they do happen. And for some, this cost of extra protection of an enclosed carrier is worth it.

If you want to the assurance that nothing will touch your car or truck during transport, order up an enclosed carrier. They go everywhere open carriers do and you will have that extra piece of mind that comes with the extra protection.

It may cost a little more, but it can leave you worry free when you want to ship your valuable vehicle down the highway. Contact us and we’ll get you set up with the car transport service you want and the carrier you need.