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Making arrangements early gives the car carrier time to schedule the most cost-effective car carrier traveling your route - such as from Lexington, KY to Dallas, TX.

Car Shipping Costs for the Everyday Relocation

Vehicle Transportation Service Is Not Just for the Rich and Famous!

Car shipping companies serve a wide range of clients. From those sending high-end luxury cars to their vacation homes to college freshman shipping a used car across the country to their University dorm. How can one car carrier business meet the needs of both the cost-conscious car shipper and the high-dollar vehicle transporter?

By offering choices, flexibility, and a variety of destination locations.

Open Carrier or Enclosed Carrier choosing an open carrier is the most common and the most budget friendly. While still low risk, an open carrier exposes your vehicle to the elements. An enclosed carrier is a four-sided box which protects your vehicle not only from the weather and road risks, but from other cars being shipped. It’s the go-to service for custom cars, luxury vehicles, or one-of-a-kind historical car or truck.

Long Lead Time or Expediate Schedule making arrangements early gives the car carrier time to schedule the most cost-effective car carrier traveling your route. An extended planning period improves the chances of securing a spot on a carrier that’s coming your way on their regular route no extra fees required to entice someone to meet your schedule. An expedited request will increase your cost but there’s times when this is the only option you have when you need a vehicle at a location at a specific time.

Regular Shipping Route or Remote Location A pickup or drop off location outside the main transportation route or population center can increase your price. Why? Special arrangements must be made to direct a car carrier to your location this can take time or money. (An example of a main transportation route would be from Lexington, KY to Dallas, TX.)

To make the most of your budget:

  • Make shipping arrangements early
  • Be flexible with your schedule
  • Choose an open carrier
  • Plan to get your vehicle picked up and dropped off as close to the main routes as possible

And if you’ve got a short schedule, want zero chance of damage, or are shipping to an out of the way location, expect to pay more for the higher-end service.