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Car shipping is an easy and popular option to risky road trips for getting your college student car transported to school safely.

College Student Car Shipping

Getting your university student to school safe and sound can keep you busy. And just when you think you’ve wrapped up every single loose end the car. How are you going to get the car there? You don’t want them to drive it there themselves! Hundreds of miles on their own, the rear-view blocked by heaped up luggage, books, and bikes. Tired, excited and new to long-distance driving a road-trip may not be the best option. Loading it up on a car carrier and transporting it with a professional auto shipping service can save you time, worry, and yes, even money.

Car shipping costs money but so does a road trip Consider fuel costs, food costs, lodging costs. Add-on the mileage that will lower the cars value and the cost comparison may be tighter than you think. (See also: What you will NOT have when you choose to self transport (drive) instead of having your vehicle shipped…)

Break downs, accidents, flat tires New or old, time on the road is hard on a vehicle. A tune-up before hitting the road can help, but there’s no guarantee. Highways and side streets are just so busy fast cars and crowded lanes increase the risk of an accident. And you know what condition our roads are in anymore potholes abound. The risk is higher than ever.

Tired drivers pushing their limits New drivers, or even an experienced driver excited to get to their destination, can go longer than they should. Asleep at the wheel and twitching from too much coffee is not the best condition to be in on the road. Avoid the worry and ship the car to them.

College car shipping is easy and popular. Car carriers are full of vehicles bound for the university campus (such as from Dallas to Lexington). It’s always worth asking give us a call and tell us where your student is headed. We can give you an estimate on cost and schedule, and put your worry to rest.