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Car Shipping Drop Off Do I need to be there at delivery?

In the best circumstances the answer is Yes.

The Ideal situation is that the person who was there when the vehicle was picked up will be there at the delivery point. This person will best know the condition of the car, truck, or motorcycle when it was loaded onto the carrier and will be able to identify any problems on delivery. But we know this isn’t always possible.

The next best solution is to assign a family member or a trusted friend or neighbor to be there at the delivery point. This person will need a copy of the Bill of Lading that you received when the vehicle was picked up this provides documentation of the vehicles condition at pickup. You should let your transportation broker know of any changes, including contact information for the person who will be there at delivery.

If neither of these is possible, you may be able to arrange for transport to a local terminal. You should expect additional charges for a delivery point change and possible storage fees.

And in the unlikely situation that the transport carrier is unable to reach anyone at the time of delivery, your vehicle will be taken to a terminal that may or may not be local. Additional delivery charges and service and storage fees should be expected. Emergencies do happen but do what you can to avoid this situation.

In all cases, keep in touch with your vehicle shipping broker to ensure that the delivery is on schedule and the location is correct. We welcome your calls and are available to answer questions and to track your shipment when needed.