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Car Shipping Warning Signs

When choosing a car transport company, when should you be asked to pay? What is the industry standard when it comes to payment standards? A red flag is if the vehicle shipping company asks for full payment up-front. And this is a danger when dealing with pop-up, online vehicle transport companies. You enter your credit card, push the payment button and then you wait.

Will they show up? What if they show up and you’re not happy with the driver, the process, or the condition of the car carrier? You’re out of luck because they’ve already got your money.

The better way, and the way that a reputable car transport company operates, is to pay for transport services at the time of pick-up. Anything else is suspect.

Other things to ask regarding your money?

Does the quote include all costs additional taxes and hidden fees could add significantly to your final costs.

What is the money back policy or guarantees have a clear understanding of these policies

Like anything, the lowest quote is not always the best option. Do your research and ask questions. And give us a call – Scott’s Transport 4-U is happy to answer any of your questions and get your vehicle loaded up and on the road.