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Car shipping for electric vehicles - photo of a hybrid electric vehicle being charged and prepared for shipping.

Car Shipping For Electric Vehicles or Hybrids: Is It Safe?

The short answer is yes, car shipping for electric vehicles and hybrids is quite safe… That is when you ship your hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) or electric vehicle (EV) using a reputable auto transporter.

While the batteries in hybrid and electric cars are made of the same material as those lithium-ion batteries in smartphones that have been know to burst into flames on rare occasions, manufacturers put multiple safety mechanisms in place to greatly reduce risks.

In fact, any problems would most likely happen during operation rather than vehicle transport.

Misinformation exists about car shipping for electric vehicles and hybrids mainly because these types of vehicles are still relatively new. Here’s some basic information about transporting HEVs and EVs:

  • It doesn’t matter whether a vehicle is conventional, hybrid electric or fully electric – they are all shipped the same way, loaded the same way and unloaded the same way.
  • Regulations for transporting HEVs and EVs are the same as conventional vehicles; only the battery itself has regulations when being shipped.
  • Auto shipping rates take vehicle weight into account and lithium-ion batteries are heavy! For example, Ford’s electric F-150 weighs approximately 1,600 pounds more than the gas-powered version of the same truck. Therefore, it will cost more to ship.

Car Shipping For  Electric Vehicles or Hybrids: Preparation List

  • Wash your vehicle and inspect it for damage. Take pictures and keep them for your records.
  • Remove valuables and any plug-in devices from your car.
  • Deactivate or remove your automatic toll pass.
  • Share an extra set of keys with the auto transport truck driver.
  • Make sure your battery is fully charged.
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