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photo of a person riding their motorcycle.

Shipping a Motorcycle: Things to Consider

Whether you’re shipping a motorcycle to a bike rally or you recently bought one in another state, there’s a few things to consider. You will need to decide what shipping method to use, what option to use (open or closed carrier), or whether to crate it.

First, examine your motorcycle. Is it considered to be a collectible? Does it need some extra care during transport due to age or fragility?

With that in mind, here’s the things you need to consider when shipping a motorcycle…

Which is Best? Shipping a Motorcycle Open or Closed Carrier?

Your choice for shipping motorcycles comes down to open-air or in an enclosed trailer. The enclosed trailer costs more but your bike will be protected from weather and road debris. If , on the other hand, you are shipping your motorcycle only a short distance, it might make more sense to opt for the open-air transport.

Which is Best? Shipping a Motorcycle in a Crate or No Crate?

While shipping your motorcycle in a crate is probably the best way to make sure there’s no damage in transit, buying one or having a custom a crate built will add more time and money to the project. In making your decision simply refer back to your initial examination of the motorcycle you want to ship and what you determined about the level of care needed.

Does My Insurance Policy Cover Shipping a Motorcycle?

Before booking any shipment, it is recommended that you check with your insurance company to find out what your policy offers if your motorcycle is damaged during transport. Certainly professional motorcycle shippers will have some coverage but find out what types of damage they cover and the coverage limits. You may feel more comfortable with a little additional coverage during shipping.

What Does It Cost To Ship My Motorcycle?

While it’s not cheap, it costs less than shipping a car. Factors that affect price are the make and model of your motorcycle, open or enclosed carrier, whether a crate is needed, time frame, and the distance.

While you’re looking into getting a number of price quotes, be sure to check with us at Scott’s Auto Carrier. We are motorcycle shipping experts! We will answer any questions you may have and, of course, give you a custom quote.

Special Tips on Shipping a Motorcycle

These tips will help to ensure that your motorcycle arrives at its destination safely.

1. Drain all of the fluids. Never ship a motorcycle with a full tank of gas. It is a safety hazard. Consider draining the engine oil and coolant as well.

2. Wrap all cables and disconnect the battery.

3. Remove all nonessential, loose items and pack them separately.

4. Deflate the tires slightly. It helps to better absorb impacts on the road. Releasing too much air, however, will have the opposite effect, leaving your motorcycle more susceptible to damage.

5. Document the condition of your motorcycle! Take a picture of your bike right before you start prepping it for transport, and another when it’s all ready for shipment.

Scott’s Auto Carrier offers customized service, 24/7 availability, and a solid commitment to quality. We give you competitive car and motorcycle shipping quotes and peace-of-mind vehicle transport service.

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