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Rural routes can add costs to your auto transportation.

Car Shipping from Remote Locations

Planning Saves Money for Rural Auto Transportation

Scheduling a car carrier for an auto pick up or delivery from or to a location off of the main transportation routes has some challenges. Knowing this before making car shipping arrangements can save you time, money, and aggravation.

Auto transport rates are based on a number of factors: type of vehicle, turn-around time, and location. How does location impact cost? When a vehicle is located on a main transportation route or in a major city, car carriers can get to your vehicle easier and quicker. This cuts down on overall mileage and the auto transportation service can combine scheduled car shipments in the area.

This lowers the auto transport company’s costs, which in turn lowers your costs.

The opposite is true if you’re scheduling a delivery or pickup in a rural, less traveled location. There’s extra mileage to account for and rarely can car carriers make up the extra cost by combining pickup and deliveries in the same out-of-the-way location.

When pricing and scheduling a rural route car shipment:

  • Plan the further out you schedule your auto transport, the more flexibility the car carrier has in finding other shipments in the area or transport trailers who are transporting nearby.
  • Meet the Carrier If your vehicle is operable, make arrangements to meet the auto carrier in a more populated location. In some circumstances, there is even a storage yard where your vehicle can be dropped off and safely stored until you can pick it up.
  • Be flexible the more you are able to change your schedule or locations, the more you’re likely to reduce your costs.

Keeping these factors in mind can save you time and trouble.