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Open-air vehicle transport

Open-Air Car Shipping

Vehicle Shipping Service for Everyday Car Transport

Car shipping service is a common way to move a vehicle across the country or across the state. Everyday car carriers are loaded with thousands of cars, trucks, motorcycles or even boats delivering them hundreds or thousands of miles away. But even for the day-to-day car delivery, there are service options to meet a range of budgets, schedules, and level of vehicle protection.

A basic service decision is whether to go with an open-air transport or an enclosed vehicle transport.

Open-air vehicle transport is a familiar site on the highways. It’s the double-stacked carriers hauling cars and trucks that you see everyday on the roads and highways. It is by far the most common type of car shipping service.

Why is open-air car carrier service the most popular?

  • Route Availability – Open air car carriers are the dominant form of vehicle transportation on the roads today. Therefore wherever your vehicle is, it is most likely on a service route popular enough that multiple carriers may be bidding on your job.
  • Cost – It’s the cheapest form of vehicle transportation service. Open air carriers are common and available. Open carriers also haul multiple cars at once. High volume results in lower rates for you.

While damage to vehicles is rare even with this type of transport service, the fact is the vehicles are open to weather, random road hazards, and the dust and grime that comes from traveling miles on the open highway.

If you’re looking for economical, safe, reliable, and available vehicle transportation service, hiring an open air carrier is the shipping service of choice.