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Car Shipping – Not As Expensive As You Think!

Cost. Is that your bottom-line on shipping versus driving your vehicle to a long-distance destination? If so, you might be surprised by what all goes into what you may have thought was a pretty simple comparison. So, how do you decide the most cost-effective car transport solution?

Start with making a few phone calls and get a few estimates from car transport brokers. Once you decide your shipping date, open or closed transport, and delivery location, you’ll have a good idea of the what it’s going to cost to step outside your door, load up your vehicle, and have it delivered to its destination point with no additional effort on your part.

Then it’s time to add up the true costs of driving yourself.

What is your gas mileage? What’s a gallon of gas cost? What is the total trip mileage? Any road hazardous along the way construction, rush hour traffic jams, bad weather? Will you need overnight lodging? How about food? Factor in the wear and tear on your vehicle. And it’s best to be smart and include the cost of a car checkup before hitting the road. And always have extra cash for the unexpected costs of flat tires, engine trouble, and even accidents.

Finally, add the value of the time you’ll be spending in the driver’s seat instead of work, family, or fun.

Add all this up, and you may be surprised to find that doing the driving yourself is not the bargain you thought it would be.