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Hours Away From The Interstate And Need a Reasonable Car Shipping Quote?

It is true that if the vehicle you need to get on a car carrier is not near a major transport shipping route, the car shipping costs will be higher. Finding an auto carrier with available space, traveling nearby, at the time needed, and willing to cover the extra miles is difficult. A carrier willing to do it can command a higher rate.

But there are a few things you can do to lower your car shipping quote.

One way is to contact the car shipping broker early and be flexible with your pickup dates. This gives the broker more time to find an auto carrier that is already scheduled to come your way and looking to fill up an empty spot on the trailer.

Another way to reduce auto transport costs is to get your vehicle closer to a more convenient pickup location. If your car or truck is operable, you can plan to meet either at a regional storage location or at a major interstate, city, or suburb. By getting closer to a major transportation route, you can lower your car shipping costs significantly.

Even if you’re miles from civilization, car transport can still be the safe, cost-effective way to move your vehicle. Just call early and be flexible.