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College Student Car Shipping

The Best Way To Get The Car To Campus Or Back Home

It is the end of the college semester and there is a lot of planning and packing. Or maybe your student is heading to school and excited about the return to campus. One thing on the list is the car. How will it get there? And while your college student may not be the first to suggest a solo road trip with a car full of boxes, for a parent it can be worrisome. Something to consider is the convenience and safety of an auto carrier transportation service for car shipping to college campus and back home.

There is a certain allure to the freedom of a road trip. But whether across the country or across the state, there are a few questions to consider before sending your college bound or returning student on the road:

Why risk being stranded on the side of the road?

Why add wear-and-tear to a car that needs to last until graduation?

Why have your child get behind the wheel for miles of travel?

Why spend that time worrying?

Shipping your college student’s vehicle eliminates all of those risks – not to mention putting a cap on fuel, food, and shelter costs. Scheduling car transportation can ensure the vehicle arrives at its destination when it’s needed with no damage, no wear-and-tear, and no fear of being stranded on the side of the road.

Shipping cars for students can take one big worry off your list. And it is something we do every day for all types of people executive relocations, snowbirds, remote car buyers and more. We take the business of moving cars for college students seriously we understand the importance of an easy, safe, reliable process during this time.

Getting your college kid to school is easy bus, train, plane, or even drive them yourselves. Getting their vehicle to campus or home is even easier: door-to-door delivery when you need it, and at a cost that is well worth the peace of mind that comes with it.