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Car Shipping – Your Bill of Lading and Other Key Vehicle Prep Tips

The bill of lading plays a critical role in a successful vehicle transport experience. Done right, the bill of lading will have the information to resolve any issue that may happen during any car transport service.

What information should be on the bill of lading?

  • Inspection Record all dents, dings, and scratches. Note the mechanical condition as well Is the car running?  Is the muffler missing? Anything significant. Sign the bill of lading at pickup and delivery only if you agree with everything on it.
  • Mileage Record the odometer reading on the bill of lading at pickup and delivery. Expect to see some additional miles, especially if delivery is to a drop-off location, but it should be minimum.
  • Make, Model, Year, and VIN Record this information correctly and completely.

The other tips to ensure a great car shipping experience?

  • Find your spare key The car carrier will need a set. For extra security, locate your spare key or get a set made before pickup.
  • Wash Your Car Any pre-transport damages will be easier to see if the car is clean.
  • Empty Your Car It is illegal to leave household items and other property in your vehicle during transport on a car carrier. If you do store personal items during shipping, you’ll have no record in the case they are missing at delivery.
  • Pictures Take pictures to show the condition of your vehicle at pickup and delivery. Keep a record in case of any damage claims.

Insist on these steps and take the time to follow these tips. It just might save you trouble in the long run.