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salvage vehicles transported after auction

Copart & IAA Salvage Auto Transport

Shipping Salvage Vehicles Purchased From Copart and IAA (Insurance Auto Auctions)

Interested in Copart & IAA salvage auto transport? Shipping salvage vehicles is a little different than shipping non-salvage vehicles. There are two main things to consider:

IAA salvage auto transport: salvage truck purchased at IAA that Scott's transported.
This is a salvage truck purchased at an IAA Auction that Scott’s Auto Carrier transported for a customer.

Economy – Spend the right amount on shipping.

If you overspend on the auto transport in order to get the services you think you need for shipping salvage cars, you may have little or no profit left. On the other hand, if you use the cheapest auto transport company, they may not be licensed or properly insured, and have no experience in shipping salvage vehicles. It doesn’t make sense to risk further damage to the salvage vehicles during shipment after investing your hard-earned money.

Care – Apply the correct amount of care during shipping. Knowing that amount depends on the vehicle’s condition.

Truth is, with salvage vehicles, every story is different. When it comes to auto transport for salvage vehicles purchased from insurance auto auctions, understanding that story is essential to knowing how to ship it properly.

Instant Quote Calculators vs. Custom Quotes for Salvage Auto Transport

It’s always best to get quotes from only experienced auto shippers. But not all auto shippers are equal when it comes to shipping salvage cars. And some quoting techniques are at best, inaccurate, designed to trap you into a deal that ends up costing more than you were originally led to believe!

If you’ve ever shipped a car before, no doubt you’ve experienced the endless onslaught of instant shipping calculators. On any given auto transport website there is usually a form that renders an instant quote based on the information you input. But these forms are usually rather basic. In other words, they have a minimum number of fields to fill out, and those fields are determined by what the car shipping industry considers to be the most “bare bones” information needed:

  • Where the vehicle is located and where it needs to be shipped
  • Make, model and year of the vehicle
  • Whether or not the vehicle is running
  • What type of transport you want (open or closed)
  • Available date
  • Your contact information

Nowhere in any of these instant quote forms is a way to mention certain conditions and special circumstances. Instinctively you pick up the phone… You’d think you could simply call them, right? As I’m sure you’ve experienced more often than not these days, getting a real person on the phone is practically unheard of. If you are able to find a phone number, when you call it you end up going through endless voicemail menus without ever speaking to a real human being.

You finally give up but not before wasting tons of your precious time with nothing to show for it. After all, you still have not been able to tell the company who gave you the instant quote about your special circumstances. Do you risk going ahead with the original deal they gave you?

Special Circumstances for Copart & IAA Salvage Auto Transport Requires a Custom Quote

You could take that chance but it would be better to call Scott’s Auto Carrier instead for a custom quote! At Scott’s, your quote is generated by a real person that you can call and actually talk to. That’s why our quotes are the most accurate in the business yet still very competitively priced. Quotes from most of the other auto transport companies, especially the industry giants, are completely computer-generated. No humans involved. Many lure you in with a quick, cheap price only to add on extra fees later once you’re already committed.

Copart salvage auto transport: this is a salvage truck purchased at Copart that Scott's transported.
We moved this vehicle from Copart recently for a customer that needed to talk to a human before shipping the vehicle. He had tried online calculators from other auto shipping companies but there was no way to tell them about the door. There was no human to talk to even if he called! At Scott’s you can always speak with a real person.

At Scott’s, We Service Real People With Real People!

When you call us, real people will advise you based on years of real-world experience in this industry. Got a classic car? Let’s use Top Load Transport to keep other cars from dripping fluids on that old, unprotected finish. Just purchased a salvage vehicle that runs but the door won’t close? Okay we know what to do in that case – we just had a customer like that a few weeks ago (see photo above). Computer generated quote forms WILL NOT know what to do because you can’t even ask the question.

Copart & IAA salvage auto transport doesn’t have to be complicated. Partner with the true salvage auto shipping experts so you can concentrate on getting the good deals at insurance auto auctions. We’re here to help you get your salvage vehicles from A to B – for the best price and with the best service. Custom every time, we listen to your needs.

Scott’s Auto Carrier is a customized car shipping service with 24/7 availability, and a solid commitment to quality. We give you competitive car shipping quotes and peace-of-mind vehicle transport service.

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