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Ensure your vehicle is protected during transit. Learn how to properly document damage to avoid coverage issues with our helpful guide on vehicle transport.

Vehicle Transport: Avoiding Damage Coverage Problems

Transporting a vehicle can be a stressful experience with concerns about potential damage during transit. While vehicle transportation companies strive to deliver vehicles undamaged, unforeseen accidents and events can still occur. It’s important to follow a few simple steps to properly document damage in order to avoid damage coverage problems.

Inspection Prior to Loading on Vehicle Transport Trailer

Before your vehicle is loaded onto the car transport trailer, it’s essential to conduct a thorough inspection of the exterior. This inspection should be done in the presence of the driver, and it’s recommended to wash the vehicle beforehand to ensure that any scratches, dents, or dings are clearly visible. If the pickup is scheduled for the evening, bringing a flashlight is advisable to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

Documentation of Damages

Any damages observed during the inspection should be meticulously documented on the Bill of Lading, which both you and the driver will sign. It’s crucial to retain a copy of this document for reference upon delivery. Taking photographs of any damages can also serve as supplemental evidence.

Comprehensive Inspection upon Delivery

Upon delivery of the vehicle, it’s imperative not to sign off on the receipt until a thorough inspection has been conducted. An original copy of the Bill of Lading should be brought along for comparison, and any new damages should be noted in the presence of the driver. Both parties should sign the Bill of Lading, and it’s essential to obtain a copy for your records. Once again, taking photographs can bolster the validity of any future claims.

Prompt Reporting of Damages During Vehicle Transport

In the event of any damages, it’s crucial to promptly contact the auto transport company and submit a claim for damage coverage. Time limits often apply for filing claims, making early reporting essential for a swift and fair resolution.

By adhering to these steps, any potential claims arising from transportation-related damages can be efficiently addressed.

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