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vehicle prep tips article

Damage During Vehicle Transport

Four Simple Steps To Avoid Coverage Problems

Vehicle transportation companies want to deliver your car or truck damage free it’s in everyone’s best interest. But accidents can and do happen due to weather, accidents, or other uncontrollable actions. Damage is rare but it does happen. Make the claim process easier by following simple steps:

Inspect Before your vehicle is loaded onto the car transport trailer you and the driver must inspect the exterior of the vehicle for any damages. Washing your car prior to pick up is recommended so all scratches, dents, and dings can be seen. Remember a flashlight if pickup is schedule in the evening.

Document Any damages should be recorded on the Bill of Lading, which you and your driver will both sign. Bring your copy to the delivery this is your only proof of the vehicle’s condition prior to releasing it to the shipping company.  Do not allow the vehicle to be loaded until you have a copy of the Bill of Lading. Take pictures to supplement this report.

Inspect No matter how tired you are or how wet, cold or dark it is, do not sign for your vehicle upon delivery until you inspect it. Bring your original Bill of Lading. Do an inspection with your driver and note any new damages. Ensure that both you and the driver sign the Bill of Lading and that you get a copy. Take pictures to supplement your claim.

Report Contact your auto transport company immediately and submit a claim. Carriers do have time limits for filing a claim so the early the better.

Accidents do happen but by following these steps, any claims you may have will be able to be taken care of quickly and fairly. Give us a call if you have any questions about this or any other vehicle transportation topic you may have.