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Car Dolly Rental to Transport Vehicles Can Be Difficult

The advantage of using a tow dolly (car dolly) over having it moved by a professional auto transport company is certainly lower cost. But that’s about the extent of the benefits. If you’re considering renting a car dolly to move a vehicle and have never done so before, there’s a few difficulties you may not be aware of…

For First Time Novices, a Car Dolly Can Be Difficult to Hitch and Load

If you’ve never done anything like it before, a car dolly can be quite difficult to hitch up to your vehicle. You may end up requiring professional assistance to properly connect a tow dolly to your vehicle.

Then there’s the loading the vehicle onto the dolly and securing it. If all the straps and ratchets don’t overwhelm you, then you probably won’t mind knowing you might have to disconnect the driveshaft. See U-Haul’s, “How to load your car on a U-Haul car dolly

Limitations and Safety Concerns About Using a Car Dolly

Safety concerns for using car dollies are evidenced by the number of limitations. There’s weight limits and well as distance and even maneuvering and speed limitations.

For example, when renting a tow dolly, you must adhere to weight restrictions on both the tow vehicle and the vehicle-in-tow. While some vehicle weights are obvious – like you wouldn’t tow a large 1-ton truck with a Mini Cooper – your average novice probably doesn’t have any idea what their vehicle weighs.

Using a car dolly also means you’re not allowed to tow over a very long distance and you must drive very slowly.

Alternatives to Towing Your Vehicle with a Car Dolly

There’s a few different ways you can get your vehicle from point A to point B…

You can rent a car trailer. Yes, there are car trailers you can rent although many of the same issues apply here PLUS it costs more. So I won’t waste any of your valuable time go into that option.

You can drive it yourself… But then that’s not really an alternative since I’m sure there’s a reason why you considered using a car dolly in the first place. Assuming you need to have the vehicle moved and are not able to move it yourself, this option goes straight to the trash.

You can hire a personal driver – if money is not object. This is, by far, the most expensive way to move your car. Not only does it cost too much, it racks up mileage and wear-and-tear on your car. The only upside to this option is that you would be able to receive your car quickly.

You can hire a professional auto transport company to take care of the car moving for you. This is the most convenient and safest option. While it does cost more than renting a car dolly, it’s less expensive than hiring a personal driver.

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