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How Do I Get My Online Car Purchase Delivered?

Online car buying is the way to go for many people looking for a used vehicle. Or maybe the search is for that classic, one-of-a-kind vehicle that you’ve been looking for for years. You can even find that rusted out vintage vehicle posted for sale online! Some of the best car deals can be found through independent car resale sites, online used vehicle services. Even eBay has a thriving vehicle resale business. Buying a vehicle online any vehicle including a car, truck, motorcycle, or even a boat – is the best way to find the perfect vehicle at the perfect price.

But don’t forget to add the cost of getting that vehicle to your door.

Delivering online vehicles purchases from seller to buyer is a routine request for auto transport brokers. With services available from coast-to-coast and available for almost any route, given enough time and enough budget you can get any type of vehicle from where it is to where you want it to go. But before signing that vehicle purchase agreement, the best advice is to check on delivery rates and scheduling limitation to make sure this critical piece is accounted for in your budget and your time constraints.

Some things to consider:

  • Open or closed carrier open is the cheapest and most available service, but if you’ve got a special vehicle, one that you want protected from the elements, a closed carrier may be the better choice
  • Route Delivering to or picking up from a remote location will add to your cost and possibly the delivery dates.
  • Schedule if you want it now you may end up paying more for expedited delivery. Save money by scheduling your vehicle transportation as far in advance as possible
  • On-site person for pickup and delivery a vehicle inspection will be required at both pickup and delivery. So arrangements must be confirmed between the buyer and seller to ensure a trouble-free vehicle transport.

All this means that before signing on the bottom line, get estimates to find out how much car shipping is going to add to the bottom line, if you can even get the transport services you want, and if the available delivery dates work for everyone involved.

And if you like what you are hearing from the vehicle shipping broker, get a written estimate that includes how long it will be valid. After that, you can sign the purchase agreement with the confidence that there will be no surprises on the final leg for the vehicle transfer.

Congratulations on your online sale or purchase. With a little research and planning, shipping the vehicle will be in-budget, on-time and trouble-free.