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What Does It Take To Ship An RV?

Yes, you can transport a motorhome, camper, even a fifth-wheel. It’s not the most common thing to haul, but it’s also something that can be done with the right equipment and the right expectations. Most recreational vehicles cannot be loaded onto a standard car carrier you know the ones you see on the interstate loaded down with cars and trucks. But the height, width, and weight ranges of campers and RVs makes them just too big to ship the regular way.

So be prepared to make arrangements for a flatbed or a towing transport, expect to pay a little more, and plan for it to take a little more time.


  • Flatbed vehicle transports aren’t as available as standard car carrier trailers. Tow trucks that can handle larger sized vehicles are also less common. This means scheduling pickup and delivery may be more difficult and take more time.
  • The weight of recreational vehicles, motorhomes, and campers adds up to greater fuel usage.
  • Unlike a regular car carrier that can transport multiple vehicles from multiple customers, your RV will most likely be the only vehicle on the flatbed or towing transport.

And all that adds up to higher costs and longer lead times.

So, make your arrangements as early as possible. And ask if there are any options to make your RV transport cheaper it’s possible that if you get your vehicle to a more easily accessible location, your shipping rate may be lower.

And remember, whatever you have has probably been shipped before. Even motorhomes that are broken down or otherwise undriveable can be safely transported to a new location. Transportable recreational vehicles include:

  • Travel Trailers
  • 5th Wheel Trailer Transport
  • Folding Camping Trailers
  • Truck Campers
  • Sports Utility RV
  • Expandable Travel Trailers
  • Class A Motorhomes
  • Class B Camper Vans
  • Class C Motorhomes

And most any other recreational vehicle, camper, or motorhome.

*We also transport construction vehicles, heavy equipment, and large field machinery as well as any oversized vehicle – stretch limousines, utility trucks, mobile lab units, mobile homes, buses and even yachts and food trucks. For details, visit our other website: