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Save money and control the shipping schedule for your online auto auction vehicle purchase. Independent auto transport from national and regional auto auctions saves you money and keeps you in control.

How to Ship Your Online Auto Auction Buy

Pick Your Own Car Carrier for the Best Vehicle Transport Service

So many people shop for cars online. You may even find the car of your dreams that fits perfectly into your budget through an online auto auction. You’ve got the big, national ones like Mannheim and Co-Part, but there’s also smaller, regional ones selling to car buyers across the country. But buying and signing the contract is only part of the process.

Now you’ve got to get it home to you.

Every online auction house will have you work with their Auto Auction Specialist to find the car your want and to process the purchase. They will also work with you to arrange shipping. They may offer you the opportunity to transport your vehicle with their preferred auto shipper.

But you can also choose to ship with an independent vehicle transportation company. One that you research, price, and schedule to meet your needs. Going this route is one way to have control over the process from timeline and cost to transport specifics. This can include deciding whether to ship on an open or closed carrier, or a flatbed for a single unit or a multiple unit car hauler. You can also request expedited service or even a transport carrier that is equipped to deal with a car that is not operational.

Find your independent car carrier before you finalize your vehicle purchase to avoid scheduling or budget surprises. Take charge of your purchase shipment and get the budget and schedule that you meets your specific needs.