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ship your car

Ship Your Car or Drive It?

Which saves you time, money, and vehicle value?

  • Shipping your car to your new location versus driving it yourself
  • Using a car carrier service or racking up miles behind the wheels yourself

These are great questions when you’re faced with the need to get your vehicle from one point to another.

Some moves can even be close to home yet still inconvenient to make the drive yourself. Others are thousands of miles away creating the chance to have a cross-country adventure!

The answer will be unique to your circumstances but here are a few things to consider that you might not have thought of:

Loading your vehicle onto a car carrier avoids putting hundreds, if not thousands, of miles on your vehicle’s odometer.

Driving cross country naturally exposes your vehicle to breakdowns and accidents. A professional car carrier service provides safe, efficient transport that protects your vehicle from the normal risks of being on the road.

Shipping classic, modified, hotrods, classic, and unique vehicles keeps them ready for show and in pristine condition. Choose an enclosed carrier service for even more protections.

Driving for extended periods of time is physically exhausting and mentally tiring. Leaving the driving to a professional prevents the wear and tear on you.

A road trip costs money. Gas, repairs and maintenance, food, and overnight stays not including the hit your car value will take by adding on miles. Driving your car may not be as cost-effective as you think.

Your time is freed up for handling other move-related tasks. Hiring a car transport service puts your car in the hands of a professional and gives you time for more important things.

Check out our Vehicle Prep and FAQ pages these will answer even more questions on car shipping. Then give us a call – we’ll answer the rest and set up a vehicle transport that meets your needs.