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Price Reducing Tip on Car Shipping Quotes

Here is a price reducing tip if you are looking for a car shipping quote:

Vehicle pickup or delivery in a congested area can lead to higher transport prices.

“What?” you say! While it’s true that being on a main transportation artery can get make your auto transport easier to schedule and get a guaranteed date, it can also cause your estimate to be higher than expected.

But why would traffic problems result in a higher car shipping rate for you? It is simply a time issue. If you live in an area that is known to have consistently high traffic congestion rates, transport brokers and carrier will factor this into their time and cost estimates. Traffic problems impact carrier schedules and this must be built into your vehicle shipping quotes. More traffic means a more work for the carrier which translates to a higher cost for you.

But there may be a solution!

One way around this is to work with your auto transport broker on an alternative pickup or drop-off location. If you can provide an address which is outside the traffic-trouble zones, you may be able to eliminate the congestion upcharge. If it’s easier for the carrier, your quote should reflect this.

Another option may be with the use of a Terminal for pickup and/or delivery. Many areas and car carriers can provide the option of meeting you at an authorized terminal location. These are locations designed for the car transportation industry and are typically located in easily accessible areas. Again, if it’s easier for the carrier, your quote should reflect this.

Sometimes it can feel like car shipping quotes are just wild guesses. But as you can see, they are actually developed based on many known, and unknown, factors. Give us a call and we can discuss in detail any question you may have about a vehicle transport cost. We can also work with you to reduce the cost as much as possible given the constraints of locations and schedule requirements.